he most beautiful memory for yourself

The most beautiful memory for yourself

Our products

  • Portraits
  • Business portraits
  • Pregnancy Shooting
  • Newborns photography (up to 3 months)
  • Baby shooting

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Procedures after the order confirmation

Intensive preliminary meeting to get to know you and your preferred style decide an individual and appropriate plan.
Clothing and make-up design are selected based on your characteristics
At the appointment, (you are) supported by our professional team.
Pick your favorite photos
Your selected photos are post-processed in several steps.
Keep editing until you’re satisfied with the photos.
All photos will be sent online with a link.
a photo album with the post-processed images is printed out possibly

Photography is a passion.

Each stage of life is unique and precious, but time flies, we always do our best to leave traces that once existed in youth.

So we do NOT want.The reason why the picture is colorful is because it reflects the colors in people's hearts.

For example, children always like colorful things, when they reach puberty they always want show their uniqueness through their personality.

When they become more mature and stable, they love monocolors and show their elegance.

That is why we love to record different styles with different feelings. It is more willing to show the fantasy and imagination of all guests through photos and videos.

Photography is the key of time, with which your memory is locked. When you unlock the album many years later, your memory flows back to your heart.

Video graphics can do even more. A video clip captured not only a smile at the moment, it captured the whole moment.

With us you could get not only professional photos, but also video clips.

Our service

  • Individual advice for every type of shooting
  • Authentic and professional photos with post processing
  • Video clips
  • Bringing versatile style and new ideas into the shooting.
  • indoor shooting or outdoor shooting possible
  • Professional make-up and hair styling possible

Quality! creativity! Emotion!

For shooting, these three points are our main concern.

We hope that we can complete unique works with you. It must match your age and your current state of mind. More importantly, it must be beautiful! It can be cool, it can be quiet and gentle, it can be like oil painting or it can be fresh and natural. It all depends on your preferences.

Thanks to carefully selected shooting angles, perfect color matching, exquisite lighting and creative composition, each photo has also achieved its outstanding quality. That's why we need to fully understand and trust each other before the shooting.

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We guarantee you a highly qualified work performance!

Frequently Asked Question

For pregnancy and baby shootings you should book at least one or two months before the desired date. For businessn shooting you can make a short term reservation.
Photos for pregnancy and baby shootings are usually ready in 30 working days after the photo selection. Business photos can be finished within half an hour right after the end of the shooting.
We only offer professional photography, there is no "ready made" way for us, every photograph can only be offered with the best quality.
It is possible to get all original photos extra. But in order to produce perfect pictures, professional photography and post-processing simply belong together, that's why the two parts are equally important to us for a perfect photo and none of them can be left out.
You shouldn’t have to worry about that. Before and in every shot I will introduce you to the conversation, so that you can get to know us better and relax. I will also give you some tips on how to position yourself.
  • Individual styling
  • featured clothing
  • scene matching


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