A Video Achieves Effect Of Thousands Of Images

A Video Achieves Effect Of Thousands Of Images

We offer

  • Social media videos
  • Interview movies
  • Image films
  • Event films
  • Wedding films/ wedding trailers
  • Travel Vlog

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Briefing: objectives, purposes & channels
Concept: structure, questions, style & music
Preparation: shooting schedule, location & people
Shooting: Video and sound recordings
Postproduction: editing, lower third, sound design
Optimization: After effect & fine tuning
Feedback: Correction

Diversity of each video

Video is not only for commercial use, but also for your private life, for example a wedding film, wedding trailer for your most beautiful memory in life, a travel film of the experience, or a video of a city tour abroad. Although the photo is good, it is only a paused image, it is not alive enough and it lacks aura. And not only does video contain all the advantages that all photos have, but also more advantages than photos.

Videos can also be edited like photos to emphasize different types of sounds. Originally, normal people and landscapes can be changed by filters. When combined with different recording methods and music rhythms, videos have a more diverse expression than photos.


Different uses of video place different demands on video. These differences exist in the length of the video, the proportion of the image, the audience, the playback channel, and the style of the character. Therefore the experience of the video creator plays an important role, this influences whether the purpose of the client is fulfilled. Put the work in professional hands, MINIMUM STRESS & MAXIMUM RESULT.


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We guarantee you a highly qualified work performance!

Frequently Asked Question

For interviews, one- or two-person video blog (vlog) and wedding recordings, we have professional and targeted radio equipment. For more complicated video recordings additional professional equipment can be prepared. However, if there is an additional demand for this, please explain this in advance.
For a normal indoor shooting it is no problem. However, in a relatively dark environment without the support of additional lighting devices, the quality of the recorded video loses a lot of detail and texture. We have a variety of film lighting devices, such as commercial filming. However, when shooting at parties, dinners, etc. and using our equipment to illuminate the entire room to ensure image quality, we have to charge extra fees accordingly.
Yes, we can seamlessly record a wedding, meeting or event.

Depending on the length and cost of the recording, we provide packages for the videos with the appropriate duration. If there are special requirements, we can extend the duration. Extending the duration is very easy. But it is like a TV show that floods.

We are always looking for exciting and appealing video editing.

We can offer 4K recording. The trimmed video has a standard resolution of 1920 * 1080. Videos of this size can be played clearly on mobile phones, iPads, notebooks and normal HDTVs. If you need a clip video with a higher resolution (e.g. 4K), please explain this in advance.
In theory, videos can adjust body shape and beautify the skin, but this is very time consuming. This is not included in our standard package service. If you need it, feel free to ask. Depending on the level of difficulty, additional fees may apply.
We can create a variety of special effects such as text animation, conversion, special screen effects and 3D models. However, the price varies depending on the level of difficulty.
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